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Sophomore Stop

Welcome 10th Grade Students!


Major and college and career search. Ensure you are on track to graduate and meeting UC/CSU requirements.

  • Continue your strong academics.
  • Continue taking rigorous courses senior year
  • Research Colleges and Careers
  • Take your SAT/ACT / Subject Tests and Take the PSAT (October)
  • Continue extracurricular activities
  • Visit the Career Center
  • Attend the College & Career Fair usually in Oct/Nov
  • College Campus visits
  • Track your community service hours
  • Enroll in a 1 year VPA required for UC/CSU


  • Continue exploring/researching college majors/careers
  • Research schools
  • Review scattergrams in Naviance
  • Add schools to your "Colleges I'm Thinking About" List in Naviance
  • Research and apply for scholarships
  • Add your scores into Naviance