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Link Cru

Beckman High School's 2024-25 Link Cru Freshman Orientation

Each year, Beckman High School hosts a very memorable, impactful and FUN welcome event for our incoming 9th grade students called Freshmen Link Cru Orientation.  This year, our Freshmen Orientation will be on Tuesday, July 30th at Beckman High School and we would like to invite EVERY new 9th grade student who plans to attend BHS in the fall. 

Freshmen Link Cru Orientation is a 4 hour event that gives incoming 9th grade students the opportunity to:

  • Meet other Beckman students
  • Have fun & create memories
  • Get a personalized tour of our entire school
  • Receive guidance & mentorship on navigating high school
  • Hear about all that our school has to offer to get involved 

​**During orientation, each incoming freshmen student will be led by 2 incredible Link Cru Leaders (who are in the 11th/12th grade, have been trained and are very involved on campus)

Please note: There are 2 important events planned for incoming Beckman 9th grade students happening on two different days.

1. Link Cru Freshmen Orientation (Tuesday, July 30th) - ​See above for description of 4 hour event

2. 9th Grade Registration (Wednesday, July 31st) - this is a shorter event where students will receive their official registration, class schedules, receive laptops, sport sign-ups, etc.  Our front office will send more information about this event in a different email communication.

Breakdown of Freshmen Link Cru  Orientation on Tuesday, July 30th

  • Welcome Games / Fun / Registration (30 min)
    • Students enter campus & register at the front gate (roundabout/flag poles in parking lot off Bryan Ave)
    • We will have live music and several "carnival style games" outside for students to participate & win prizes!
  • Opening Session in BHS Gym (60 min)
    • Official welcoming, school spirit, guest speakers, activities, raffle prizes, meet upperclassmen leaders and assemble groups
  • Small Group Time in BHS Classrooms (60 min)
    • Student group bonding activities led by upperclassmen leaders, time to meet other freshmen & receive mentorship/guidance from Link Cru Leaders
  • School Tour + Fun Team Building (60 min)
    • Link Cru leaders will give a tour of our entire campus to their student groups and give students the option to participate in fun team building games
  • Closing Session in BHS Gym (30 min)
    • Memorable activities, group photos, surprises and parting words from our Link Cru Orientation Leadership Team to all 9th grade students

Sessions Offered

To provide the best experience for all incoming students, we have two identical freshmen orientation times and have split all freshmen students equally into two groups based on their last names:

  • Session 1: 
    • Students with last names starting with A - Le 
    • 8:30AM - 12:30PM 
  • Session 2: 
    • Students with last names starting with Lee - Z 
    • 10:00AM - 2:00PM 

RSVP Link / Schedule Conflict / Need to Change Sessions?

To better help us plan, please complete this quick Google Form to let us know:

  1. If you are/your child is able to attend our Freshmen Orientation this year on Tues. July 30th

  2. If you are/your child is able to attend Freshmen Orientation but needs to change sessions  

  3. If you are not / your child is not able to attend freshmen orientation on Tues. July 30th

Google Form Link

Parents or students, please complete only 1 submission for each student attending:

What to Bring

We will be providing all materials for students attending freshmen orientation.  Students do not need to bring anything specific to this event other than themselves.  If students want to bring a snack or drink for themselves, they are more than welcome to.

"Welcome to Beckman" Phone Calls Home (Monday, July 15th - Friday, July 19th)

As a tradition of Link Cru, each incoming 9th grade student will receive a personalized phone call from a Link Cru Leader starting on Mon. July 15th through Fri July 19th.  During this call, our upperclassmen leaders will be personally inviting 9th grade students to our orientation, explaining generally what orientation is, which session they are scheduled for, and make themselves available to answer any questions you/your student might have. 

If the parent/child is unable to answer the phone call, our upperclassmen leaders will be leaving a voicemail/message or text message with all of the details.


If you have any additional questions, please email our Link Cru Advisor - Mr. Chow at

Check out the Video Recap of the 2023-24 Link Cru Freshmen Orientation!

Though we have a vision for this year's freshmen orientation to be even better than last year's event, here is a short recap video of last year's freshmen orientation!

Any Additional Questions?

If you have any additional questions, please email our Link Cru Advisor - Mr. Chow at