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Link Cru

Beckman High School's 2023 Link Cru Freshman Orientation

DATE: Monday, July 31st

Dear All Beckman High School Incoming Freshmen and Parents,

We hope your students enjoyed our 2023 Annual Link Cru Freshmen Orientation, which was held on Monday, July 31st at Beckman High School.

Each year, Beckman High School hosts a memorable, impactful, welcome event for our incoming 9th Grade students called "Freshmen Link Cru Orientation".  This event is a great opportunity for students to meet other incoming freshmen and receive guidance from our top upperclassmen leaders on navigating high school. Below is a highlight video from our 2023 event!

Any Additional Questions?

If you have any additional questions, please email our Link Cru Advisor - Mr. Chow at