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Community College Classes

PLEASE NOTE: MOST classes taken outside TUSD will NOT be included on the student’s Beckman transcript. Such classes serve ENRICHMENT purposes only and will NOT serve to advance to a higher level or remediate a prior grade.

General Information for Students Wishing to Take Community College Courses:

  • Community College classes cannot be taken for advancement or to fulfill TUSD graduation requirements (such as English, Algebra, Geometry, World Language, World History, US History, Government and Economics). - For example, you cannot take Geometry at a community college to skip Geometry at Beckman or take Spanish 2 at a community college and take Spanish 3 at Beckman.
  • Community College classes count as a weighted class, therefore, BHS ”Healthy Limits” waiver applies. 
  • BHS policy of “7 class MAX” applies during the school year and 2 class MAX during the summer.
  • Early College Program students will not be allowed to request additional classes to go on their Beckman transcript.
  • Students with an impacted schedule who need to take a visual/performing art course to meet the “F” requirement for A-G UC/CSU eligibility may be approved to take a community college course.
  • Beckman will add up to two (2) Community College courses to the high school transcript over the course of a student’s 4-years of high school.

Beckman offers 2 ways to take Community College Courses: Dual Enrollment & Concurrent Enrollment

What is Dual Enrollment?

(CCAP: College & Career Access Pathway)

What is Concurrent Enrollment?

(K-12 Special)

  • Enroll in a college class within our BHS bell schedule
  • Grades/Credits posted on HS. transcript AND college transcript
  • Counts as one of your Beckman classes
  • Info sessions required
    • Classes Offered:
      • IVC Business 
      • IVC Dance
      • IVC Communications
      • IVC Kinesiology & Nutrition
  • Enroll independently in a college class
  • Max of 2 community college courses on Beckman Transcript
  • Cannot be used to meet graduation requirements
  • Max of 1 course per semester and 2 courses in the summer
  • Healthy Limits & max of 7 classes applies
Who is a good fit?
  • Independent
  • Strong time management skills

Want to take a class at IVC ?

Want to take a class at another Community College (not IVC)?