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Course Change Requests

Every student has had the opportunity to select their courses for next school year, and now we need to see if there are any last-minute changes that need to be made before we head into summer and planning for next school year.  Each student can access their “course requests” through their Aeries portal.  Once a student is logged in, select “Classes”, and then select “Course Requests” to see the courses selected for next year.  Please disregard any courses with Crs ID (course id #) in the 8000’s, as they are used for internal use only.

There are two options for students to make changes (if any), so please select appropriately based on what changes need to be made.  Students who do not need to make any changes, do not need to fill out any forms currently.

Option 1: Challenging into a class – this option is ONLY for students who wish to take an AP/Honors course that they do not meet the pre-requisite for a specific course.  The pre-requisites for AP and Honors courses can be found on our TUSD course catalog for high school courses.  Please click on the link to access the “Challenge Form”.

Option 2: Add/Drop Request – this option is for any student requesting to drop a class and replace it with another class.

  • Add/Drop Request Form - This form is now CLOSED

Option 3: Level Down Request – this option is for any student requesting to level down from and AP/Honors Course to a CP Course.

Option 4: Zero Period Request - this option is to request a zero period. Please note that students with attendance issue will likely be denied this request.